Hi friends. I have a gift for you.

 A More Healing Way is a five-part audio and video series with some of the wisest teachers I've ever had the privilege to interview.

We speak about how to live life in a more healing way, even when facing major challenges.  I am offering it for free when you join my Readers' Group.

Just tell me where to send it


My New Release

Very excited to share with you my latest book, Dancing with Elephants: Mindfulness Training For Those Living With Dementia, Chronic Illness or an Aging Brain.  Click for more details.


Dancing With Elephants: A Beginners Guide to Losing Your Mind

My blog explores how peacebuilding and mindfulness insights might help those of us facing chronic disease and dementia.


I write books and articles on peace, wisdom, justice and healing.  Click to see a full listing of my books.